Work With Me!

If there is something you have in mind that you do not see listed below, please send over an email to or click here.  


Click to request a Media Kit.


Recipe Development – If you are looking to create recipes for a specific product, company or website, I can do that!  I am constantly thinking of and creating new ways to produce healthy and delicious food (especially ones that please a picky group of kiddos!)


Sponsored Product Posts – If you have a product you feel is perfect for The Nourished Seedling, let's chat and see how I can share the love on my site and/or across social media.


Some products that have worked/could work well are:

     - Children’s educational or eco-friendly food products 

     - Natural and/or eco-friendly food products, especially if they are low in sugar, non-GMO and have no artificial colors or flavors 

     - Natural and/or eco-friendly home or beauty products

     - Innovative kitchen gadgets or products that bring out the joy of cooking!


Freelance Writing – I can create original content on a variety of topics for your company, brand or website.


Brand Ambassador – I am open to working with your brand and/or company if it follows the mission of The Nourished Seedling, which would include partnering to promote on social media outlets and subscriber email newsletter.


While there is so much I can do, there are some limitations.  If you are looking for a simple review of your product, I am probably not your gal.  Lastly, if you would like to share my content on your site, please send me over an email so we can be sure my content is linked back to my site and I am on board with all of the wonderful sharing.


Thanks for your interest and I hope to chat soon!


Sarah @ The Nourished Seedling

Sarah Galla