How to Find Dye-Free Candy


So, you’re feeling good about your commitment to eat healthy, avoid artificial junk (especially with concerns over artificial colors) in your food, and then Halloween comes around. Dang it. If only there were better options. Well, it’s 2017 and the market has caught up with consumer demand, and while healthier options are not overflowing, they are out there if you look for them.

Personally, while I’m not a fan of naming companies, I will say Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have made a commitment to selling products that are free of artificial colors and flavors. Both of these stores claim that any of their “house” brands (Trader Joe’s brand or 365 for Whole Foods) do not contain any GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Whole Foods does make an effort with third party verification, whereas Trader Joe's has more of a closed door policy on it's verification process.

There are other retailers that sell candy and baking ingredients that are free of artificial colors and flavors. Target is a national chain, and there may be many local grocery stores that are starting to carry healthier options. Once you can recognize the brand, you can shop anywhere. Although more recently, with all of the birthdays, holidays and other celebrations, I have been turning to Amazon to have them conveniently delivered to my door. We try to support local business when we can!


A couple of brands that we have come to enjoy (and rely on) for our dye-free celebrations and holidays are listed below. They are available through an affiliate link, which as a reminder is no extra cost to you, but throws a small percentage my way, helping to support this website.

Now, just to note, this candies are still full of sugar, which isn't exactly a healthy choice option. Sometimes, I forget that, and assume just because it's organic or doesn't have any artificial ingredients, that it's the same as broccoli. It's not. I just wanted to share this friendly reminder, as once I start eating chocolate, sometimes it's hard to stop...

Here's the list!

1.) Surf Sweet Candies - An assortment of jelly beans, gummies as well as holiday centered treats (think spider gummies, etc.)

2.) Black Forest Organic Candies - An assortment of jelly beans, gummies, sour gummies as well as holiday centered treats. We LOVE the gummy bears.

*Please note: This brand also has a line of candy that may contain artificial ingredients, so be sure to look for the Certified Organic label for the candies without these ingredients.

3.) India Tree - A company that has made an effort to lead the way in naturally colored sprinkles, using beets, turmeric, and other colorful foods from nature.

*Please note: India Tree does make dye and sprinkles with artificial colors, so you need to make sure you are in their naturals category.

4.) Torie & Howard - A company that specializes in fruity candy (we love the fruit chews) that do not have any additives, artificial flavors or colors.

5.) UnReal Candy - We love these chocolate treats, which are similar to traditional chocolate candies, caramel and chocolate bars, etc., but without the artificial colors or flavors. My only problem is, it's hard to stop eating these!

6.) Yum Earth - A candy company that specializes in dye-free and organic gummy candies and lollipops.


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