Salad Bar Days

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healthy food for kids

A few weeks back I received a much appreciated package of non-GMO dressings and marinades from Goodness Greeness and Cindy’s Kitchen. Lots of experimenting (and delicious eating) has been happening in our house! This also gave me an opportunity to share in my love of salads with my children.

Yes, they eat salads from time to time (usually off of my plate), but this was a chance for them to have some autonomy in their food.

I am still finding innovative uses for Mason jars, and it doesn’t stop with smoothies and storage. People have been making salads in Mason jars for ages, but it just hit me now to do this with my kids. So we did.

I cut up a variety of vegetables, mostly finely diced or shredded, as you would find in a chopped salad. This helps my youngest be able to eat the salad without choking. You know, small detail!

Anyway, they each went through the line of veggies and picked what they wanted in their salad. I was amazed that they willingly picked the cabbage and green onions. There truly is something about being given choice in a decision and willingness to try something new. Even for me, when I feel I have a say in something, I am much more likely to give it a go.

healthy food for kids

We cut up everything from Romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, red cabbage, carrots, beets, avocado and of course, a selection of shredded cheese. (Everything is better with cheese, right?) I didn’t go the seed or nut route, partially because I didn’t know how successful this would be, and wanted to keep the clean-up minimal until I knew if this would be a hit or not.

The three dressings I put out were Sweet Basil Vinaigrette, Original Creamy Miso Dressing and White Cheddar Dressing/Dip. Not intentionally, each child chose a different dressing. After selecting the salad components and placing in their very own Mason jar, we put in a bit of their chosen dressing.

Now this was the fun part.

They got to shake, shake, shake their salad up. It got a little crazy, we did dance to a little Elsa and Anna. Actually, it was fun - and everyone ate their salad!

healthy food for kids

We’ve done this a few more times since then, a bit on a smaller scale (and without the dance music). If you’ve got some time to get everyone involved, this whole salad bar is worth it!


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