Norwex: Clean Only With Water!

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Photo courtesy of Talia Micek

Since I first started my journey into clean eating and healthier living, I have always been on the lookout for cleaning products that were less toxic than conventional cleaners. Aside from my own health, I have a stake in the environment and the world around me.

THEN, I had children, and oh, dear Lord, the worries that came with pregnancy and beyond!

There are unexplained health concerns in our friends and our children, and I can’t help but wonder what has changed in our environment. We know that there are certain chemicals that have been linked to increased cancer rates. Research is showing many common household cleaners* are respiratory irritants, which means they are a nightmare for those that suffer from allergies or asthma.

Not only are these chemicals questionable for adults, they are an even greater concern for our children (and pets!). Their systems are more sensitive and their organs are smaller, taxing their little bodies a lot more when processing these substances.

So what is a parent to do?

Well, what if you could clean only with water? Well, I have been introduced to a system that seems to work pretty well.

Photo courtesy of Talia Micek

I have to say, I have been using the Norwex microfiber environmental cloth for a little over a month now, and am really impressed at the quality and overall function of this cloth. And best of all, there is no residue, no harsh or unsafe chemicals – it cleans simply with water!

While it is true that using paper towels can be expensive and wasteful (environmentally and financially), I still grab for a paper towel and my homemade cleaner every now and then. However, I have found some impressive features of the Norwex cleaning system.

Here are some benefits from a lay person (ie: I have no affiliation or previous knowledge of Norwex):

  • I noticed how dust immediately stuck to the cloth and didn’t spread

  • The cloth did not smell after using it and not washing it (I did rinse with hot water and lay over the sink until the next use)

  • There was no chemical residue

  • I did scrub, and when I scrubbed, dried egg came off (yes, gross image, but it happens!) pretty easily - again, with only water and the Norwex cloth

Below is some of the information given to me by Talia, a friend of the family and Norwex rep:

  • The silver that is embedded in the cloth prohibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus.

  • Norwex is different because instead of chemical cleaning, our microfiber provides a mechanical cleaning. So what that means is when you're using the cloth properly – it will remove up to 99% of bacteria on surfaces.

  • In order to be considered microfiber, the fibers need to be 1/6 the size of a human hair. Our microfiber is 1/200 the size of a human hair and in one cloth there are 10,000,000 feet of microfiber. This means if you were to unravel the cloth it would stretch from Canada all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

  • It's the density of the cloth that actually allows it to remove bacteria off of surfaces.

  • Because you're not cleaning with chemicals, they are completely safe to use around children.

Still have more questions? Check out the page of official Norwex rep, Talia, for more information!

*Information taken from EWG website is referring to common household cleaners such as Clorox High Efficiency Bleach and Windex Advanced Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaners .

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