3 Day Meal Plan

This post has been a long time coming. Since forever, I have been getting into discussions about what I eat and what foods work well together. So, when the health website, Further Food, asked me to put together a 3 day meal plan, specific to my digestive issues I have had over the years, I actually had to sit down and do this.

Full disclaimer, this isn't every day by any means. I have 3 children that are ages 7 and under. Enough said, right? Sometimes we have frozen pizza. Sometimes I eat one too many cupcakes. However, I pay for it later. And I'm referring mostly to how I feel. Life is busy and energy is a requirement to keeping things running. Not even running smoothly - just running period.

I have had issues with digestion in the past, and many painful stomach aches as well. While cleaning up my diet helped immensely, I also have to pay attention to my stress levels. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg scenario. I’m not quite sure which came first, but when I struggle with daily stress, giving myself good fuel makes all the difference.

By all means, sometimes one ounce of dark chocolate turns into three, but so goes it. Below is a sample three day meal plan that really keeps me feeling good and full of energy. And to all you parents out there, the bonus is, the family meal recipes are kid friendly, too! There’s no way I could keep making separate meals for myself and the rest of my family. I eat what they and they eat what I eat. (Although, I don’t give my kids coffee, just to be clear!)

Pictured: Sweet Potato Date Cookies

Day One:

Pre-Breakfast – 1 cup of half decaf and half regular organic coffee with 1 teaspoon of organic half & half

Breakfast – Power Green & Beet Smoothie with sprouted toast & almond butter {digestive enzyme}*

Snack – 2 Gluten Free Sweet Potato Date Cookies with a cup of organic Green tea

Lunch – 1 ounce organic tortilla chips, organic salsa with a small salad

Snack – Avocado on sprouted seed crackers, 1 ounce of organic dark chocolate

Dinner – Honey & Paprika Chicken with Rice

Dessert/Evening Snack – 3 cups organic popcorn with seaweed flakes {probiotic supplement}**

*See more on digestive enzymes here

**See more on probiotics here

Pictured: Power Greens & Beet Smoothie

Pictured: Honey & Paprika Chicken with Rice

Pictured: Eggs and Sweet Potato Hash

Pictured: Roasted Beet, White Bean & Feta Dip

Day Two:

Pre-Breakfast – 1 cup of half decaf and half regular organic coffee with 1 teaspoon of organic half & half

Breakfast – Two eggs with sautéed veggies (Eggs & Sweet Potato Hash) and avocado on toast (digestive enzyme)

Snack – Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie with a cup of organic Green tea

Lunch - 1/4 cup Roasted Beet, White Bean & Feta Dip with 1 ounce of non-GMO multi-grain pita chips

Snack – Jicama and full fat Greek yogurt dip, 1 ounce of organic dark chocolate

Dinner – Almond Crusted Chicken with a garden salad (with tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado & olive oil dressing)

Dessert/Evening Snack – 1/4 cup organic rolled oats and 1/2 cup organic whole fat vanilla yogurt {probiotic supplement}

Pictured: Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies

Pictured: Almond Crusted Chicken

Day Three:

Pre-Breakfast – 1 cup of half decaf and half regular organic coffee with 1 teaspoon of organic half & half

Breakfast – Power Green & Beet Smoothie and 2 eggs (scrambled or over medium) {digestive enzyme}

Snack – 2 Gluten Free Almond Coconut Cookies with a cup of organic Green tea

Lunch – 1/2 cup wild caught Alaskan salmon mixed with 1 tablespoon whole fat Greek yogurt (maybe a teaspoon or so of mayo, too) and 1 teaspoon fresh horseradish on 1 sliced of sprouted grain toast

Snack – Sliced carrots, cottage cheese and black olives, 1 ounce of organic dark chocolate

Dinner – Creamy Avocado and Zucchini Soup with 1 slice of sprouted grain toast and melted cheese

Dessert/Evening Snack - 1 small apple and 1 tablespoon organic peanut butter {probiotic supplement}

Pictured: Almond Coconut Cookies

Pictured: Creamy Avocado and Zucchini Soup

Some notes:

I usually run for 20 minutes and do at least 10 minutes of yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I attribute much of my feeling good to the exercise and meditation. Food is half and the exercise/meditation is equally the other component. Plus, I drink as much water as I can! On days that I run, I may add an extra snack somewhere in the day.

Additionally, I love sweets. However, my body just does not like it when I have sugar (or chocolate) before 10 a.m. and equally, after 3 p.m. So, I compromise and have a nutritiously dense sweet snack mid-morning. There usually is some form of sugar involved, but it satisfies me, and yet I don’t feel bad (physically) afterward.

Lastly, I have three kiddos that are my world. Equally, they are by my side constantly, so what they eat, I eat and vice versa (with minor exceptions). So, while most people have breakfast, lunch and dinner, I eat a bigger breakfast, more snacks, and less of a dinner and less later in the evening. Not eating late really helps my digestion and my sleep (which in turn helps my digestion)!

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