The Bakery Opens On A Day Off

Today was a wonderful day – I had all three kiddos with me without interruptions of pick-ups, drop offs or any activities. I’m not being cheesy, as I genuinely enjoy being with my girls. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I feel overwhelmed and when I am so grateful for the activity that school and extra-curriculars bring. Plus, we all need breaks. In this case, today was a break from the usual hustle and bustle. I was lucky because today was one of those days in which we were able to get into a good groove when school is off.

We did have a blip when it came to naptime, as my toddler doesn’t always comply and didn’t understand why everyone was home. She certainly didn’t want to leave the gang and miss out on the fun. Luckily, she was able to get on board when we promised to go to the library when she woke up.

So, while the little one was sleeping, my two older kiddos and I set to work with our cookie creations. We have done this a few times, and the girls really get a kick out of it. The deal is, they get to make their own cookies, picking the ingredients, name and everything, as if they were going to market and sell it. Their dad is quite talented in creating logos, so they like to follow suit!

We start with a bowl for each and set to work. First we start with our fats and sugar and blend those together. My oldest asked for strawberries, but I didn’t want to give up our precious organic strawberries (likened to gold in our house) for this semi-experiment. Hey, I do my best and give free range when it comes to creativity, but we each get a max 3 strawberries a day to make the carton last!

After nixing the strawberries, she chose applesauce and banana to add with some oats and chocolate chips. My middle wanted white chocolate chips, which again, I had to decline the request for lack of ingredients. She settled for chocolate chips as well, adding some milk, flaxseeds and maple syrup. Fingers kept “accidentally” getting covered in batter as they were mixing. Please know, that anytime we make cookies for a holiday or gathering, I do the cooking, and little finger-licked fingers remain on the sidelines!

I don’t anticipate anyone looking for the recipes here, but just in case there was a question, we have no recipes to offer. It’s interesting to see what each desires to put in their cookie. Sprinkles were added randomly at the end, because every cookie is better with sprinkles. The funny thing is, the ingredients varied somewhat between the two, and yet the different batches ended up coming out of the oven looking quite similar!

Our youngest woke up from her nap (coincidentally much shorter when the older two are home) to a cookie taste test. Thumbs up all around!

And below, our youngest trying to give her best 'thumbs up'.

Here are the logos/recipe titles from each:

This one has two sides - Front

And the back.

Although a mess was leftover, it was well, well worth it.


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