The Shield: Visualization & Meditation for the Sensitive Child (or Adult)

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*This is a peaceful meditation and visualization for children and adults, bringing empowerment to help determine what (words, feelings, people) to allow into their personal space and manage all of the sensory input throughout the day.

My kiddos have times when they each have experienced feelings of being overwhelmed by all of the situations they observe in a day. Some people are just hard-wired to have their senses on high alert, noticing noises that most don’t or sensing the feelings of others around them. Sometimes sensitivity is often mistaken as being synonymous as being weak or fragile, which is actually quite the opposite. I tell my kids it’s almost like having a super-power being able to understand the feelings of others and noticing things many others do not. And when it comes to emotions, it’s almost as if the feeling of empathy is on overdrive and all of the five senses are continuously hyper-aware. There are times when I would walk into a room and immediately feel overwhelmed by whatever feelings are floating around the room. Simply being a witness to a tense situation, I can absorb the tension, even when it has nothing to do with me! The same thing can happen to kids.

Over time, I have learned to manage my sensitivity to the world around me, and take control over what (and who) I let into my personal space. However, children may not be able to understand this as easily. Their sensitivity can affect their mood even when they don’t realize what is causing the underlying agitation, fear or anger. Hearing another person get scolded on the playground, it can almost feel as if they were the child reprimanded. Those feelings are carried home with the child, permeating the other aspects of their day, causing inner turmoil and distress.

So, for those of us that have been gifted with a heightened sensory processing system, child or adult, this is a helpful mediation and visualization to help ‘shield’ all the unnecessary or overwhelming input from the world around us.


Visualization and Meditation: The Shield

Close your eyes, and begin to focus on your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Notice when you inhale, your chest raises and on the exhale, it falls back. The breath is slowing down, allowing your body to relax. Continue to focus on the breath, the inhales and the exhales (give a few moments of breathing in silence).

With your eyes still closed, bring to mind a time or situation that brings you comfort or happiness, keeping it in your thoughts and not saying anything aloud. Notice the feelings, the relaxation, the warming in your heart, that come along with this memory or thought of happiness. Bringing your attention to your heart center, notice any colors that accompany this memory. Maybe a blue, green, a light violet…

As you continue to breathe, focus on this color. It is glowing and getting stronger with your breath. Now, taking this color, this ball of glowing light, shift your attention to your forehead, in between your eyes. See this light here, gaining strength, as you inhale. On your exhale, the ball of glowing light, pours open, spreading through your entire body. It moves up, covering your head, and moves down, to the tips of your fingers, down your legs to the tips of your toes.

Now the glowing light is a cover, a shield for your whole body. It is invisible to others, transparent to let your goodness shine through, and yet it stronger than steel, unable to break. Your shield is here to protect you, shielding you from unkind words, negative energy (for kids you can use a different description such as ‘angry feelings from others around you’, or something similar) and any fears that may stop you from being who you are.

Keeping your eyes closed, see this protective light, this shield around you. Take one more inhale and exhale. Slowly open your eyes and let yourself adjust as you bring awareness and movement back to your body. Go into your day knowing you can face whatever comes your way and let your light shine through.


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