The Power of Maybe

“Maybe rain or maybe snow, maybe yes or maybe no.” – Russian Proverb

The Power of Maybe

The word maybe may seemingly lack strength and discipline, and yet it has the powerful ability to open the doors to a freedom that the absolutes of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ just can’t offer.

There is a flexibility that exists in the limitless possibilities of a maybe. It allows us not to jump to defense when one may not be necessary. When we can let the possibility exist, even if it feels horribly wrong, it doesn’t mean we are accepting what is asked of us – or told to us. It just asks us to take a breath before committing to an answer.

‘Maybe’ Acts as a Bridge

I can get so worked up over a certain situation, future event or something said about or to me. I take a statement about my presumed attitude or behavior, and can immediately jump to my own defense explaining away why this statement is in no way, shape, or form true.

However, if I am honest with myself, I can look at what is being said, and there is a possibility I find a ‘maybe’ of truth wedged in some aspect of the situation. Not always, but sometimes. Does it make it completely true for me? No. Does it mean I am wrong now and forever? Absolutely not. I can choose to act or not to act based on this information. The acknowledgement of a ‘maybe’ provokes fear solely because I feel wrong. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. That pause, that ‘maybe’ is the bridge between the absolutes of one side and another.

Don’t Take it Personally

Most of what others have to say is about them, not about you. Don’t take it personally. Listen, and if a response is needed, a ‘maybe’ may suffice. So much energy can be put into defending what we think in a moment, when our thoughts and perspectives may change based on an experience that will happen tomorrow. This energy is wasted since we are constantly exposed to different experiences, different opinions.

‘Maybe’ allows us the opportunity to be open to other answers, other solutions than our current perception, which is often limited to only what we have experienced. By acknowledging there could be another way, another reason or another outcome, we can release the struggle of defending a certain way of thinking.

Many times our intense desire to reject or readily accept a categorization or label comes from an intense fear that it could or could not be true and what that must mean; what automatic assumptions are destined to come to fruition because of this supposed truth.

However, to release the stronghold of an absolute, to find a temporary answer in ‘maybe’ releases all expectations and need for defense. We are no longer captive to an assumption, but can live in the fluidity of life as it happens, changing our minds, changing ourselves from one moment to the next.


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