Three Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

living life with purpose

Time is Short

Lately, it has really hit me about my purpose, and how to make the most of what is right in front of me. It’s not that I have hit any particular crisis; it’s more just realizing how quickly life turns the sunlight of one day into the moonlight of the next. Moments may crawl at times, but time as a whole truly takes flight with such haste that I am left wondering what happened to yesterday. We just don’t know how much time we have left, and it is so essential to make the most of every moment.

So much of our running around to complete endless tasks or checking work emails long after 5 p.m., or counting calories to fit into a certain size, is for no other reason than to simply prove that we are enough; worthy of our job, of respect, of love and self-care.

We are taught that to be worthy of good things, of even our own existence, we must prove our worth, that we matter. We can relax when we’ve “made it” – whether “it” is to have reached a target weight, earned our financial freedom, be recognized by our peers – then we give ourselves permission to rest.

Until then, we cannot stop until we feel we are enough. For me, that’s a lot of pressure when I haven’t fulfilled my grand plan of helping to eliminate childhood hunger, much less even get the laundry done!

The Small Things

So, we must remember that it’s about the small things. We are enough just by moving through our day, reading to our little ones, completing what feels like the mundane tasks of everyday. We don’t always feel the ripple effect of holding the door open for the person in front of us or the extra cuddle we gave to our kiddos ‘just because’. These are the actions that don’t get the accolades, yet they are the backbone of what keeps the flow of all of life’s goodness energized and alive.

The Purpose of Life

However, when we really stop and pause, the question often comes down to what is the purpose of life, or what is our personal purpose? I mean, really and truly. This can be a loaded question, somewhat rhetorical in nature, not to be answered in any realm of completeness right now. But it does beg the question, for what are we working so hard? What are we trying to prove, and to whom?

So, how to feel enough, feel accomplished from one day to the next without feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or that we failed? Although, I could sit for hours pondering the meaning of life, and my purpose in it, I have come up with these three questions that are to the point and help me confirm what I need to do, for today.

My 3 Questions

1. Was I kind? (to myself, to others)

2. Was I truthful? (with respect to #1)

3. Did I do my best? (no matter if ill, sad, happy…just the best we can do under whatever circumstances we are in at the given moment).

If I live my life, striving for a ‘yes’ to answer all of these questions, I am doing OK, despite not yet eradicating childhood hunger. It’s always good to have goals…so, maybe one day, but for now, I rest easy knowing I am enough, making the most of the day in front of me.


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