Nominated for Liebster Award!


The Nourished Seedling was nominated for a Liebster Award, which is so cool to receive as it helps bloggers get to share their site and highlight other bloggers and sites new to the scene. Thank you Nourish and Nestle for the nomination!! I did a little Googling to figure out how it all works, which seems to be the norm around this award. It looks like there are various “rules”, but overall a consensus surrounds these guidelines shown below. A note - although, I am usually a stickler for rules, some of my nominees are well over the follower limit, but I think they are off to a pretty good start (whenever that may have been). Still worth getting a nomination!


So, here it goes.

11 Random Facts About Me

  • I am an only child – not the spoiled kind, the overly responsible kind :)

  • I went to school originally to be a lawyer.

  • I love playing Monopoly.

  • I married a man I actually went to high school with (but we never dated then).

  • I lived with a family in France while studying there for a summer.

  • I am probably more of an introvert than an extrovert.

  • I love to read.

  • I tried to wash off my freckles with lemon juice when I was little.

  • My husband is one of the people I most admire.

  • One tv show that gives me comfort is Murder She Wrote (probably because my mom watched it, and it reminds me of her).

  • Learning to garden has really helped me work through my fear of thunderstorms.


Questions from Nourish & Nestle

1. What are 3 travel destinations on your bucket list?

Greece, Italy & Poland (because of scenery, food and ancestry)

2. What’s the next skill you’d like to acquire?

Becoming fluent in Spanish

3. If you had the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’, what would you ‘pay forward’?

Just everyday kindness & courtesy. It seems that is harder than actions that get all of the bells and whistles.

4. Are you a hoarder or a saver?

Only when it comes to memories of/from/by my kids.

5. What’s your favorite smell?

Fragrant flowers, fresh air after a storm {notice I said after - that means the storm is over :) }

6. What are 3 websites that you visit daily?

Email, Huffington Post Good News, Accuweather

7. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

Hmm…I have issues with needing to feel productive, probably linked to fear of failure somewhere in there.. So, simply reading a book or watching the kids play would be what I love. Or possibly opening a restaurant with healthy foods for kids.

8. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

My kiddos dancing.

9. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Travel more with the family, buy a house with a bigger garden space, open a book store, figure out a good charity – maybe start one.

10. What surprised you the most about blogging?

The ability to lose myself in the amount of time I can spend on it, whether on the site itself, technology, content, social media, photography, researching, networking, troubleshooting…I could go on!

11. If you could try one job for a week, what job would it be?

Computer scientist – just for a week.


My questions to the nominees:

1.) What made you start blogging?

2.) What is the most challenging part of blogging for you?

3.) Where is one place in the world you would like to travel?

4.) Storms: therapeutic or frightening?

5.) What is a fear you have overcome?

6.) What is one food you absolutely detest?

7.) First 3 things that come to mind to bring to a deserted island?

8.) What is your favorite color?

9.) Introvert or Extrovert?

10.) What is one thing on your bucket list?

11.) Preference of savory or sweet?

My nominees (in no particular order) are:

1.) My Plant Based Kitchen

2.) Salted Plains

3.) At the Immigrant’s Table

4.) Soymilk & Honey

5.) Salt & Wind

6.) Rhythms of Play

7.) Always Made With Love

8.) Cool Busy Moms

9.) The Herb Diaries

10.) HEN Family

11.) Fit Mama Love

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