Bringing Your Dreams Over the Rainbow


“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy sings her famous ballad, “Over the Rainbow”, wondering, dreaming of the wondrous things over the magical curved lines of colors in the sky. Dreaming allows us to keep moving when times are tough, and also allows us to put up with the rain to get to the rainbow. Life is not always easy.

We need hope.

We need goals, we need hope, we need to dream that tomorrow can and will be better. This is not to say life is miserable, so you must live only in your dreams. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Life is so beautiful, that our hopes and our dreams allow us to get the most out of our time.

To see as much beauty as possible and to believe that anything can happen – all the good we can see in our dreams. It is ripe there for the taking. It does not always come easy, as all good things take effort. So in between one magical dream and the next, our hopes are our safety nets, scooping us up when we fall, and convincing us to keep on going.

We need dreamers.

We need dreamers who take action. We often mistakenly equate dreams with inaction, yet it is those that dream so big and make their dreams come true by perseverance and action that are those individuals to emulate. Remember to always keep dreaming, wondering what is on the other side of the rainbow, and believing in all possibilities, as there are miracles just beyond the horizon waiting for the rain to stop.

Don’t stop before your miracle happens.

Fairy tales are covered in themes of dreams and making wishes, yet somehow, it is so easy to forget that the magic that takes place in movies and story books can truly be real. One minute we tell our kids to dream big, but the next minute to get their head out of the clouds.

There may be truth to both.

I’ve started to tell my kids that they truly can be whatever they want to be, they just have to find a way to support themselves doing it. So, when my kiddo says, “I want to be a doctor princess”, I can say ‘OK’ without hesitation. Who am I to say she can’t be a doctor princess? What is a doctor princess?

My need to account for everything ruins their whole dreaming process! If I limited the possibilities to what only existed in my imagination, I would be limiting them (and myself) to such a little piece of puzzle of all the opportunities and miracles out there. Just as the rules I make for myself about not being able to do x,y,z because of a,b,c. These are limits I have imposed on myself.

Sure, there is a reality to life, and to everyday responsibilities. But what is success? Is it found in financial freedom or being able to dress and feed yourself in the morning? Our perspective can change as our lives change. Maybe success is being happy with who you are and seeing the beauty in the simple things of everyday.

I am not saying there is a correct answer, yet for me, I know the answer that rings true for my soul. I try to keep these questions, and my answers in the forefront of my day and my thought pattern. If not only to remind me of what I want for my life, yet also that if I believe it, it can happen. And who knows, maybe if I keep myself out of it, my daughter will find a way to turn her dream of being doctor princess into a reality.


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