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5 Reasons to Consider Adding Gelatin to Your Diet


Gelatin is what makes substances gel or gummy, and when including quality gelatin to your diet, you may see some beneficial side effects from the hair on your head to the nails on your toes (and more!)  Here are just 5 of the many benefits of adding high quality gelatin to your diet:


1) Acts as a digestive aid, attracting digestive enzymes to break down cooked foods

2) Helps bone and joint health

3) Assists in maintaining skin elasticity due to collagen in gelatin (who needs expensive eye cream?!)

4) Contains particular amino acids that help the body utilize more efficiently the proteins that are consumed

5) Supports healthy hair and nail growth


Gelatin can be very therapeutic, as it is used as a source of nourishment for individuals with a weakened system.  However, as with any supplement, or even food, moderation and balance are important.  There are different kinds and the processes in making it can differ widely. 


There are reputable companies that make quality powdered gelatin.  However, a great natural source is preparing bone broth (cooking remaining bones from a chicken, etc.) in some water, vegetables and herbs. 



Homemade Gummies Recipe




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