Be the Seed, Grow Without Fear


- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Fear can mask itself as a rainbow of emotions from anger, to sadness, even to jealousy. The fear that we don’t have enough, we can’t give enough, ultimately, that we are not enough, drive our actions on a daily basis. From the alarms on our smartphones to the well-intentioned individual continuously introducing a new person, place or thing of which to be scared, we are constantly inundated, often without awareness to these intrusions to our peace. Something supposedly new and urgent, to which we must pay attention immediately to secure our children, our home, our bank account, from dire jeopardy. Yet, this cannot be the purpose of life. The seed would never grow if it feared it would not grow, could not grow, or would not produce enough. Instead, the seed grows despite the potential challenges, relying on its own inner wisdom to do what it was meant to do. We can choose to let go of our fear, trust our own inner wisdom, and like the seed, grow despite the challenges we may face.

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