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Health and Nutrition Resources

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DISCLAIMER: The Nourished Seedling is for informational purposes only, and is in no way a substitute for medical advice, as a substitute for medical counseling or as a treatment / cure for any diseases or health condition, nor should it be considered as such. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, supplement use, prescription drug use, life style or exercise activities. Please understand that you assume all risks from the use, non-use, or misuse of any information posted on this website.

essential oils for kids

Essential Oils & DIY Health and Beauty Products


Immune Boosting Roll-On for Kids - A safe and effective DIY roll-on with essential oils to help boost immunity for kids.  Age appropriate dilutions are included.



DIY Safe & Natural Mosquito Repellent - A recipe for bug spray using essential oils.




Health & Nutrition Articles and Resources


Sugar: The Not-So-Sweet Truth - An overview of the effects of sugar on the body, as well as a visual illustrating the amount of sugar hidden in common "healthy" foods marketed to kids.


Magnesium: The Unsung Health Hero - An overview of magnesium, an essential mineral our health, and the role it plays in everything from heart health, to PMS, to anxiety.


Biochemical Individuality: Our Unique Prescription for Wellness - A look at a health perspective that considers each person unique down to the cellular level, and how this uniqueness can affect health.


3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan - A sample three day meal plan focusing on digestive health with meals that are family friendly!



Probiotics: The Good Guys - An overview on probiotics, the good bacteria, what they are, how they might help and supplementation considerations.



Enzymes, Raw Food and Digestion - An overview on enzymes, notably digestive enzymes, and their connection to raw food as well as the impact on digestion. 



A Dangerous Rainbow: Artificial Colors in Our Food - A brief history of food dyes and how more questions are being raised as to the safety of these artificial colors.



10 Reasons To Reconsider Soy - Often touted as a health food, there seems to be concerns rising over soy and all of the processed forms that follow.



Natural Colors - Here you will find recipes that are festive enough for a special ocassion, yet only use natural colors to brighten up the foods. 



10 Tips to Help Kids Eat Healthier - It's not always easy to get kids eating well, so here are a few tips that really work.



Maximize Your Snacking: Healthy Snacks for Kids  - Snacks are a natural part of the, and sometimes it is confusing as to getting a snack that isn't already prepackaged and also is a healthy combo to satisfy.



What's the Deal with Coconut? - Coconut seems to be popping up everywhere. Here is an article that delves a little into some of the benefits of coconut.



Fat Can Be Our Friend: Some Facts on Fat? - Article on fats, the healthy and not so healthy.  Different types good for cooking and foods that have these fats.



5 Reasons to Consider Adding Gelatin to Your Diet - At first glance, consuming gelatin may be the last thing on your mind.  However, there are many health benefits to gelatin and this article gives a brief overview.



15 Tips to Get (& Stay) Healthy  - Quick tips and ideas to help you kick into healthy gear!



What Is Xanthan Gum? - This ingredient is listed on many so-called health foods.  What is it and is it really safe?



5 Unfavorable Ingredients Lurking in Your Food  - Just because you can't pronounce something doesn't mean it is completely bad.  However, here are 5 ingredients that aren't so great and still make it on food labels.



What Is Gluten & Should I Eat It? - The what, where and why's of gluten and gluten intolerance.




Yoga & Meditations for Kids and Adults



The Meditation Jar -The meditation jar is meant to serve as a tool for coping as well as self-empowerment for kids. The idea is to give some time in between the provoking event, the feelings and the reaction, empowering our little ones to regulate their emotional response. This awareness of control is especially important for children, because often there is very little in their world that they can control.



The Shield: A Visualization & Meditation for Sensitive Kids (& Adults) - A guidied meditation and visualization to help empower children (and adults) to manage all of the sensory inputs in a day.



3 Calming Breathing Techniques for Kids - Kids are under a lot of pressure and here are three techniques to help manage the stress.


Kids and School Food 

What Really Needs to Change in School Food - An eye-opening experience after hosting an open panel of school food experts on what really needs to change in school food.

School Lunch Containers: Safe & Eco-friendly Options  - A review of eco-friendly school lunch (and general travel) containers for food.

*Many products discussed in the resources below can be found here on the products page.