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Week of July 6 - 12, 2015


I was on Twitter, and while I get "suggestions" from the Twittersphere on what is a good connection for me, this one was spot on.  Try the World is (in my humble opinion) one of the most awesome new subscription services.  Upon signing up, you receive a box of food/drinks from a certain part of the world.  What a cool way to learn (and taste) about different countries/towns/regions around the globe! 


My friend Silvia or at Ribas With Love has a great information post about dandelions.  So many people battle these "weeds" and yet they have so many benefits, for our bodies as well as the bees that pollinate our flowers.  Here is the link to her post which gives a great overview of this often misunderstood plant.  Thanks, Silvia! 


So, alternative noodles are all the rage now, and for good reason.  Most are made from vegetables, are allergen free (gluten free, soy free, egg free) and loaded with nutritious benefits.  While we continue to make various types in our house, this is a great compilation all at your fingertips from Healthy Holistic Living.

Week of June 15 - 21, 2015


I was browsing through my newsfeed on Facebook and a post from The Hanging Spoon popped up.  I was reminded of why I first started following, as Donna has some amazing recipes.  The one that struck me was the Zucchini and Baby Portabello Tacos with Crisp Shredded Beets.  The kiddos like most of the vegetables individually, and they love shredded beets (we make shoestring shredded beets), so I am excited to give this one a try - especially with all of the fresh foods from farmers markets! 


So, summer is here, and I must admit, the kids and I aren't transitioning as easily as I thought.  We have taken one mini vacation and are trying to get out and about.  In searching for some cool ideas for our summer days, I ran across Spaceships and Laser Beams  and these awesome DIY Lego Travel Cases!  So clever!  I have three girls, and legos are a fan favorite in our house.  We are always getting new packs, and so these cases are perfect for travel AND play!


Lastly, I have been paying attention more and more to indoor pollution and have always known in the back of my mind that there are houseplants that help improve indoor air quality.  There is a small period of time when we can have our windows open, as winter is awfully cold here in the Midwest, and summer is often incredibly humid.  So, it's nice to have some natural indoor cleaners!  Mother Nature Network has a great list (with photos) of 15 Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality.

Week of June 8-14, 2015


This week, the first Made Me Look feature will be a  Cumcumber Trellis from Nourish and Nestle.  Lynn has found a way to make room in a full garden bed for cucumbers!  And for those of you that garden, you will know, cucumbers are not shy about taking up space.  I am super excited to try this.  We stuck our cucumbers in the back, plenty of space, but very little sun.  This is a perfect and innovative solution.  


A recipe that looks to satisfy my salty/tangy craving is from Laura at My Plant Based Kitchen.  Her recipe for Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Wedges looks delicious!  In our house, we are always looking for new ways to cook potatoes (and sides in general).  With five mouths to feed, and five different opinions, I love new inspiration!  


The third feature for this week is from Goodness Greeness and all about papaya!  They just got in some organic papaya and have dedicated a whole section to this tropical fruit.  You can read all about the natural digestive enzyme, papain, found in papaya, plus get your fill on papaya-laden recipes Goodness Greeness has compiled.  There are so many - especially to try with the kiddos - from dehydrated papaya to Papaya Lime Sorbet!