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December 13, 2017

Yields:  about 3 cups      Prep Time:  15 minutes       Total Time:  about 6 hours

This rich and flavorful dessert is loaded with healthy ingredients!  Iron and potassium rich dates add sweetness, making this d...

December 8, 2017

Ground up oats and almond flour form the base of these delicious mini muffins that taste just like pumpkin pie, but with less fat, no dairy and less refined sugar. Squash, including pumpkin, is loaded with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin A (in the form of beta caroten...

November 26, 2017

Yields:  about 28-30 truffles   

Prep Time:  45 minutes      

Total Time:  1.5 hours, plus 30 minutes freezing

Gluten free and full of fiber, folic acid and protein, these little truffles are more than meets the eye!  A black bean...

Yields:  about 2.5 cups*               

Prep Time:  20 minutes hands-on      

Total Time:  overnight (including freezing time)

Vibrant colors mark this cool summer pop!...

Yields:  48 mini cupcakes (or 14-16 regular)  

Prep Time:  20 minutes      

Total Time:  45 min

Nutrient filled whole wheat flour, along with avocado oil and less sugar bring healthy swaps in this delicious and fluffy recipe, whic...

Yields:  about 10 doughnuts             Prep Time:  20 minutes       Total Time:  35 minutes

Shredded carrots are sprinkled throughout these handmade healthy baked treats, whi...

Yields:  about 36 cookies      Prep Time:  20 minutes       Total Time:  1 hour

These cookies are chock full of beta carotene (which converts to vitamin A) as well as fiber from sweet potatoes and carrots....

Yields:  varies            Prep Time:  15 minutes       Total Time:  45 minutes

Making your own fancy candies has never been easier, or healthier!  Only two simple ingredients make...

Yields:  about 12 bars            Prep Time:  25 minutes       Total Time:  2.5 hours

Naturally sweet strawberries are combined with tropical flavors (and healthy fat) from coconut...

Yields:  about 36-40 candies              Prep Time:  30 minutes       Total Time:  45 minutes

Just five ingredients, real peppermint and healthy fat from coconut butter...

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