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As I was checking my email the other day, I saw the news ticker to the right of my screen.  It successfully grabbed my attention with a headline of children being threatened in an unimaginable way.  To the left, another headline reporting that innocent lives had been...



As a kid, I was pretty solid in who I was and what I wanted, confident and determined, not giving much credence to what others thought of me.  Then things shifted, and I started to feel like a fraud in my own body; like somehow the inside didn’t match the outside....

“Maybe rain or maybe snow, maybe yes or maybe no.” – Russian Proverb


The Power of Maybe


The word maybe may seemingly lack strength and discipline, and yet it has the powerful ability to open the doors to a freedom that the absolutes of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ just can’t offer.




 “I couldn’t fight the tide, so I decided to float along.”

– David Levithan


This was a rough week, and I surrendered to the ‘Perfect Parent’ award the same day I applied for the ‘Failed Parent’ award.   Not only did I raise my white flag, the dangling strings and tatte...

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