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Welcome to The Nourished Seedling, and thank you for stopping by!


A little about The Nourished Seedling....


The goal is whole food based recipes that are family (and kid) friendly recipes that help introduce and maintain wholesome and balanced nutrition (BODY), plus they have to taste good!  


Additionally, you will find resources to keep updating your health knowledge (MIND). 


Third, and equally important, are reflections on navigating life to find what works for you and your family in a fast-paced world that can leave even the most balanced individuals looking for grounding (SOUL).  Once we find that bit of grounding, we set our roots down and start to grow in a healthier lifestyle.  Just as a seedling has all the power within itself needed to flourish, we have the same innate power; we just need to be nourished – just as The Nourished Seedling.


Why The Nourished Seedling


The Nourished Seedling is about nourishing the seed inside all of us – it’s there for the taking. 


I got into recovery when I was 23, and thus began my journey back to myself.  I learned to watch what I put into my body, the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff.  I realized how precious life is and that we have the ability to choose how we view the world around us.  I needed to learn to breathe a little more, worry a little less and to live in the moment.  I graduated college with a degree in Political Science, went onto earn a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and completed a year-long training to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. 


I believe when we treat our bodies, the people around us and the Earth with kindness and respect, we are taking the first step to creating a lifetime of happiness.  When we give our body, mind, and soul the best fuel, we have the optimal environment to make the most out of every opportunity. 

The Nourished Seedling is my platform to share the recipes I make to help stay nourished and balanced, and the reflections to help make sense of life as it happens, as these are my lifelines to serenity.  

I hope you get a little nourishment for your mind, body and soul during your visit here to The Nourished Seedling! 

Thank you for sharing on this journey with me.  




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healthy recipes for kids

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